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Sunday, April 11th, 2010
3:52 am - no time to breath
Ah ... I thought things would let up once con was over ...
At least I'm not up sewing until 4-5am anymore though x______X;;; Was practically living at James's those last few days before con haha ... ha ... so much handsewing *shudders*

April looks like it will be a training month, so to speak.
Trying to prep for the June LSAT, so I've been hitting the books in places-where-my-distracting-and-lovely-computer-is-not-present. I don't feel very confident yet, so I think I might end up going for the October session instead - June feels like I might be cutting it a little too close for comfort.
Entered into a verbal agreement to do the Sun Run this year. I've been saying "next year, next year" for too many years now, haha. Like with Buster-kun, I figure if I don't grit my teeth and do it now, then I never will. Though ... I don't think post-marathon pain will give me the same warm, fuzzy feeling as a fresh tattoo, haha. Ahh ... that reminds me, I want to get more ink ...
Anyways. So I'm going back to doing Langara every morning and hopefully I can push myself to do at least 3 laps without stopping by the beginning of May. Highly doubtful since I haven't run in a while- but at least I know I can walk 10k fairly quickly, if fail comes to fail : D
Which reminds me - I should register for the Sun Run sometime soon. Cut-off date is in May though ^^v
Also: more job hunt. Ahhh ... I got lazy when the Olympics started and contined to slack even after =__=;; But no more, no more. Going back to endless resume sending and whotnot. Will also seriously look into placement agencies and call about consultations and the like. Though, since I've started thinking optimistically about law school (somewhat) maybe I should just try and get some random full-time retail for a while instead of an office job. I wouldn't mind working somewhere with beneficial discounts ........ *w*
And on top of that, I'm trying to spend more time with my girls. There's been waaaay too much WTF-ness going on. Everybody seems to have had a rough time of it lately, and all this fucked up stuff I've been hearing makes me so grateful for my awesome mom and my super uncomplicated inner-circle relationships. It's a little disconcerting to realize that I'm one of the more well-adjusted ones in that particular group of friends o___o

But yes. Just something to update a bit and confirm that I am alive.
Managing to still keep on top of my shows, and sneak in some anime in the wee hours. I'm currently marathoning Kimi ni Todoke, and it's pleasing : 3 It has a very Kare Kano vibe to it and gets me all nostalgic and the like.
*yawn* One more episode and then bed time X3

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Friday, December 11th, 2009
2:04 pm - cosplay cosplay cosplay
Rolled out of bed this morning and started planning my shit ... for REAL.
I got through the bulk of them, but then I started researching Valkyria uniforms, got depressed, and had to stop.
My plan is to take stock of what I have at home that's ready to go, and buy whatever else I need (fabric-wise at least) tomorrow after work. I can make a prop run later in the week if need be. Speaking of which - anybody know where I can get a good cheap wooden cane? hur hurr

Easy enough ... just have to trim my bangs a bit to look the part. A bit bummed that my hair isn't as long as I'd like it to be though : \
Her dress is back-less so I have to get some adhesive strips for my no-back bra ... but I'm not quite sure where to go to get them ... hrmmmmmm

There is no way I'm buying her shoes, haha. I'll just lace ribbon around my ankles and go with my flats or my painful Aldo wedges ... and if anybody has a problem with that then they can meet my backhand. Mostly her outfit is a lot of little details, but the thing that's bugging me the most is her hair. I can't seem to find a wig that works x__X Think I'll just go with buying a really short base wig and claw-clip hair pieces to go with it ... but the trouble with that is finding long-ish curly-ish pieces that are THIN, and don't spread like the legs of a two-penny whore ... *le sigh*

So much exposed cleavage DDDDDDDDD; I really want to fake it out with a tube top for my own comfort ... but other cosplayers have gone bra + bare booby and I know that skimping out will eventually irritate me to no end.
I'm actually not so worried about this one ... all the pieces are fairly simple, it's just complicated-looking when you put them all together. The only big things that I'll have to get outside help on or put 'more effort' into are her fat staff and the stupid yin-yang drum of a hair accessory.

Fat Princess Mage
SO EASY ^_______________________________________________________^ 5 second sketch and will take less than an hour to make (excluding the staff ... but I'm tempted to just buy a fake-y Gandalf one online and rig up some way to make it look aflame).

Edy Nelson
Why are there so many layers? D;
Why is there so much armour? DD;
Why is there no detailed concept art lying around for me to mooch off of? DDD;
Got too depressed to try deconstructing and sketching out components. I'll leave it for later ... yeees ...

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Sunday, August 23rd, 2009
4:00 am - clean rooms seem empty
It's been a while and I can't sleep ... update tiiiime.
I've been going through some weird shit lately. I've been dedicating restless energies to very un-panda-ish endeavours ... maybe I'm trying to encourage change, maybe I'm just running away.
So this is what's up with me:
I've been running Langara every day for a week now. I force myself to go it without walking, put in my daily 2.7km, then have the most relaxing shower in the world. I'd like to keep up this habit, but I don't know if I'll be able to do it when work starts up again (this week has been vacation week). That, and I don't know how keen I'll be to run around when the rain sets in.
My eating and sleeping have been fucked. Going to bed between 2-4am is normal for me, but waking up at 9am and not being able to go back to sleep is weird (and bad). Usually I can sleep until noon : ( Also, I've been eating very little (or not at all) these past few days. I'm just not very hungry - or when I do feel a bit hungry, I don't feel like getting food is worth the effort.
Also, in a very uncharacteristic move, I've cleaned my closet/room. Now to see how long before I mess it up again. Depending on how I feel/what we do after the hike, I may move onto my washroom next. And then the computer room ... ARGH what is wrong with me?!
OH, I found random hidden booze in my room, haha. I'm pretty sure it's 4+ years old, so I'm just going to discreetly chuck it someday soon.
Sloooowly getting through Veronika Decides to Die. It's interesting so far.

Still waiting on the stupid interview email from Service Canada (2-3 weeks my ass ... ), and I think it will be another two weeks or so before I get it - they're batching the interviews alphabetically, so I'll be the very last person to get word =___=;
Other than that, I've applied for some clerk position at the Law Courts, and am looking into some other things along those lines.

Inglourious Basterds was brilliant. I'm wanting to see it a second time in a week or so - once the opening weekend buzz has died down a bit.

Datarock at Gossip sometime in early September. They did a piece on Nightmare Revisited that sounded kickass, but their stuff on youtube is only okay. Though, I think a good drunken night is long overdue, but I'm not sure who'd be interested. Any takers?

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Tuesday, July 21st, 2009
1:45 pm - Uuuuuugh
So I'm the kind of idiot that gets a cold during the summer =___=
It makes work more stressful and sucktastic bleh.

Went on a bit of a book spree the other day - I think the people at the Book Warehouse across from Kumon should KNOW me by now, lol. Right now, I'm getting through Smoke and Mirrors (a collection of short stories from Gaiman), and I'm halfway through The Lovely Bones. On top of that, I've started a list of things that I will pick up randomly ... it should keep me nice and entertained. I picked up Bones because of interest in the film (it should be out sometime around the end of this year), and I must say - it is quite a devastating read. It goes through a whole range of human emotion and, from the point of view of the deceased protagonist, is written very honestly - which lends a kind of charm all on its own. I'm even more interested in the film now - I'm curious to see how they manage to incorporate Susie as a dead narrator, and can only hope that Peter Jackson does it justice.

But yes ...
Now to pop some Tylenol and hope it gets me through work *cough*

Ugh. I NEED to finish my DMC fanart ...

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Sunday, July 5th, 2009
10:10 am - not dead, just lazy

So grad life has been ... pretty relaxing? I SHOULD be looking for a job, but I'm being really half-assed about it. I applied for something at Service Canada, got screened in, and have been through the written test portion, so now I have to wait 2-3 weeks and see if I've made it to the next stage. *le sigh* It sounds positive, I know, but I have this feeling that I won't get it. At the same time, I don't want to look at any other job options, cos then it'll be like I've given up on the Service Canada position x___X Why do I feel so disheartened? Well, there are four positions available, HOWEVER in the 3-4 days that they had the job posted up, they received over 400 applications. And I know for a fact that three of those applications were from people who are already doing some 90-day work experience/intern thing at Service Canada currently. Another one of the applicants is doing some work at Richmond City Hall as well. Also, on the day of the written test, one of the ladies got pulled out of line and went away with some person in a suit ... which leads me to believe that one of the positions is already lost to somebody with connections =____=; Stupid nepotism. *LE SIGH* Oh well.
I'm trying not to think about it too much. For now, I'll just keep plugging away at Kumon, and if it doesn't work out with Service Canada, then I'll just pick up another part time whilst continuing to submit my resume to government-related agencies.
I've been keeping myself distracted though XD Yay me. Finally got my hot little hands on Project Diva ... and it is MADE OF WIN! It caters to the creepy otaku in me completely, and is actually kind of challenging. It's definitely more difficult than some of my other favourite rhythm games. The only downside it, after Miku-ing, my brain shuts down and I can't get in a place where I can figure out the maps in Echochrome orz
I have also been reading more, which I absolutely love. School in general just kind of stole away my time for art/leisure reading, so I'm quite happy that I have time for both. Currently I'm getting through The Time Traveler's Wife (total chick book but kind of addictive so far, I'm reading it because I've threatened to make Fishy see the movie with me), a book about culinary catastrophes experienced by famous chefs, and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (win win win win win win WIN).
Cosplay-wise, I have stuff lined up, yes I do. I still need to get the front gold bit on my Cornelia and do the boot covers, but the rushing and still not finishing in time for con thing has made me a bit sick of the stupid outfit =___= I'll get back to it after a break ...
I have some easy ones, Mio and Matsurika, and of course my Alice for the Annual Tea Party at Trout Lake.
Other than that, it's just been hanging out with friends and stuff I guess. Had a kickass hot dog at Wreck Beach, Fish and Chips on the dock ...
Oh oh, I went to the Seattle Zoo on Friday XD It was AWESOME. They had penguins and RED PANDAS and lemurs and hippos and giraffes and Tapirs and Snow leopards and Arctic Foxes and Panda miniature COWS and and and lotsa other neat animaaaals X3 Ah, I like how I sound like a five-year-old when I talk about it XD
Hokay, the plan for today is lunch with Dan before he leaves for Hong Kong FOREVER (yet another painful reminder that we are all growing up and going in different directions, I just wonder how long it'll be before I hang out with coworkers and the like more often than with my school/con crew). After that ... no idea ~__~ I'd like to take in a movie - I haven't been in a theatre since I saw Okuribito (so gooooooooooooooood) and that was a while ago by my standards. Public Enemies is out *waaaant to seeee* but I doubt the guys would be in for that.

Wow, this got long. Okay, now to shower.
I really need to clean my room.
But after I watch Ponyo X3

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Thursday, May 28th, 2009
9:26 pm - M is for ... marriage?
Marriage has come up in a lot of conversations I've had recently ...
Random facebook quizzes and internet whotnots about marriage popping up ...
My cousin just tied the knot, apparently
WHICH, by the way, may be one of the randomest things ever ... I mean, after not hearing anything about him for a good year (or more ... probably more), he suddenly shows up to visit grandma, say hello, and slip in the fact that he's signing papers de la marrying within a matter of DAYS.

That's another thing ... the girls in the family have had legit ceremonies and big-ass receptions, whereas the guy have just signed papers and left it at that @___@

Whatever, it's all just ... weird.

Maybe it's a sign ..........


indicating that wedding-themed fanart will sell well at AE kakakakaka XD

Ah ... speaking of AE, fanart and merch is killing me ... on top of that, I still have a lot left to do for Cornelia URGH
I don't really want to take merch-making time away for cosplay though ... but then I don't want to be ghetto and maid all weekend again x___X
Especially since getting our fanart/originals is proving to be hella difficult. School killed my drawering, so I've kind of become a stranger to my pencil =____=;;
BAH. Back to the drawing board I go ...

Oh oh oh oh ... there's a Chinese restaurant on Main St.
and it's called ...

I shit you not XD The name made me lawl to death in the car XD

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Monday, May 4th, 2009
12:37 pm - shit, i'm going to be fat
Why? Because ...
Thursday - Homemade steakie dinner with heaping amounts of pasta as a side
Friday - Chinese banquet-style family dinner with shitloads of courses
Saturday - Strawberry Haagen Dazs for lunch and then more Chinese banquet-style family dinner with Alaskan king crab (the most crab I've eaten at one of these things EVER ... I usually avoid the shellfish, but it was kind of the main course ... yea ... )
Sunday - Fatty BBT joint lunch at 4, followed by Posh at 8.30. 85 plates of meat + a giant veggie/tofu/fishcake/etc. dish between the 4 of us, and I didn't quit first!!! HA! 'Real men' my ass.
Tonight - Steakie at Pinky's

Next time I play Wii Fit, I'll probably break the frakkn balance board XD
Oh well ... there's still time to let out the seams on Cornelia ... j/k (I hope)

Wolverine wasn't a great movie by any means, but it was good, mindless entertainment for a couple reasons. First, lots of slashy and impossible fight scenes weeeee. Second, I found Liev Schreiber's face quite amusing to look at. His Sabretooth side burns kind of gave him this pouchy-chipmunk cheek effect and it was funny to look at. Third, that whole scene with Zero shooting at a naked Wolverine and the bullets just bouncing off his butt made me giggle something fierce. And last, but certainly not least, Daniel Henney - yum yum. : 3

Now to wait for Star Trek and Sylar in Spock ears : D
... and then UP!!!

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Friday, April 17th, 2009
10:41 am - 8.30am exams suck
I would very much like to meet the person who thought anything before 10am was an acceptable time for giant-ass stressful exams ... and kick him square in the nuts X(

SakCon was both epic win and epic fail, which translates to overall awesome.

Unfortunately, I think I fucked myself over juuuuust a little by going.
Basically, I just pulled a legit all-nighter (usually I get 2-4 hours of sleep, this time I got NONE). Deadline backups and other exam/papers made it so that I couldn't start on my poetry paper until yesterday ... let's just say I managed to churn out a good 22 pages in 5 hours. Without caffeine or any other kind of stimulant. FUCK YEA. I am a MACHINE. And right after I finished that, I began studying for my exam, which was this morning XDDDD

I'm both proud and horrified with myself at the same time.

And now, I will have some early morning anime in the hopes that it will lull me to sleep. For a long loooooooong time. ^_______________________^v

On a side note ... Bible Black is kinda fucked up.

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Sunday, March 22nd, 2009
6:33 pm - i'm not dead yet (i will be soon though)
Damn my procrastinator ways : (
Currently taking a break from a psych paper. It's not due until the last day of classes, but I want to get all my shit out of the way this/next week, so I'll have one good weekend to super cram Cornelia (I haven't bought material yet, and I'm a little antsy about the wig getting delivered on time)

That being said I must finish:
Mar. 25 - 5-ish page essay on Japanese poetry. I just may get to this one today because it'll be easy as hell to write. ALSO, I'll have to write a second one before the last day of classes.
Mar. 31 - 12-15 page amicus brief for forensic psych (it's not a big "thinking" paper, but it'll just take time to do ... I have to summarize 10 legit research articles and apply the general results to one or two supreme court cases, and then finish up with a couple pages on how the research applies to the field).
Apr. 8 - Animal behaviour. Super condensed 2 page paper (no room for filler, in fact, I'm worried about cramming it all into 2 pages only) comparing a research article with a newspaper article based on said research, also with a critique on the research itself and a possible follow-up study with predictions and the experimental details outlined. This is the one I'm taking a break from ... it's pretty easy, which is why I'm doing it now XDDD;
Apr. 14 - Japanese debate report. Report about the in-class debate that we'll be doing in the class ... 5 pages en Japonais : (
Apr. 15 - Japanese poetry anthology. I have to collect 30-50 poems, then submit it with a 3000 - 4000 word paper *gag* Luckily, we can be creative, so I think I'll make some sort of narrative story (pseudo-diary style perhaps) and insert poems into that context. Technically this wouldn't be so bad, except there's the stupid Japanese report to be handed in the day before, AND I have a final on this day as well.
Apr. 20 - Asian folklore collection project. I have to collect 20 items of folklore and enter them into the database, as well as submit a three page paper analyzing my findings. Not too bad, it's just that the folklore site where we have to upload the items is a SLOW-ASS BITCH to work with. Entering ONE item gives me maximum stress Y___Y

On top of this, there's debate prep and a mega-quiz in Japanese (and I think I have one more impromptu speech coming up ... god those things tear my nerves inside out), some reading summary that I have to post for folklore sometime this/next week and studying for finals. Baaaaaaah.

To add to all this, I seem to be incapable of exerting any willpower at all XDD;;
I'm pretty sure I could finish all of it right quick if I focused and stopped doing random internet shit/watching stuff that can wait until after crap-time is over. But nooOOOoooOOOooo. Oh well. I'll just sleep less now and catch up on sleep later, it's my own fault for being such a slacker anyways.

Also related to my slacker-ness ... I started on Battlestar Galactica XD;; kekeke. I've finished season one and two, now I'm just waiting for season three and four to finish downloading. The show is so epic XD; North American series-wise, I'm more of a medical/crime drama person, with hints of the occasional miscellaneously awesome shows and my guilty-pleasure shame-inducing reality series (*cough Rupaul's Drag Race cough*). But yes. BSG is le AWESOME. Plus, there's lots of Vancouver love in there. The studio is selling Centurions from the show, and if I had the $10000 to burn then I'd totally be on that action XD

Also, since the Miyata v. Randy Boy Junior fight finished up, I've fully caught up with the Ippo manga. Now I just have to sit tight until the Takamura bout finishes up and I won't touch the manga for a hella long time in order for massive arcs to accumulate XD
Even though I know what's going to happen, the cliffhangers on the Ippo anime are still killing me. I've heard too many conflicting rumours about series length ... some say 90, some say 26 ... ahhh, I hope it's a good long length though. Considering that the first season was 70+ episodes, 26 seems waaaaaaay too insufficient (unless they're going to release many more seasons of it in small-packet spurts).

Okay, back to work. The goal for today is to hash out most of the animal behaviour paper, possibly finish up a solid rough (or all) of the Japanese poetry paper, and summarize one or two cases for the big-ass forensic psych paper.

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Monday, February 23rd, 2009
8:24 pm - *sigh*
Where did my reading break go? Y____Y
Oh well ... At least the week was relaxing.
Too bad I slacked off like crazy and did nearly none of what I'd planned to do (good thing it was all prep stuff, and nothing imperative).

Now I just have to focus and work hard to finish up all my papers and the like. My goal is to have all my hand-in shit together and DONE by mid-March, so I can spend the rest of the time just studying/reviewing and working on cosplay (I'm waaaay too excited for SakCon *is a dork*)

Other than slacking, I pretty much went out a lot with people over the break ... Lots of fish time, lots of guy time, and even day (and night) with the girls ... including one very nummy steak lunch with all the fixings (did you finish the avocado, eaz? XD)

The beginning of the year has been waaay too indulgent. I've spent a lot glutting myself on food, and taking advantage of various sales ... ah, time to start being frugal again.

I caught up quite a bit with movies and TV shows too. Dollhouse is pretty interesting so far ... but of course Mr. Whedon always delivers : 3
I managed to watch a bunch of the Oscar movies too ... I missed out on a lot though Y___Y Oh well, they`re all ones that I planned on dvd-ing later. Speaking of which, the ladies from The Wrestler really cleaned up nice. Coincidentally, they were my favourite dresses on the red carpet as well. Evan Rachel Woods just looked soooo classy, and the pleating on Marissa Tomei`s dress ... o____O;

Dammit, I have a serious craving for Indian food ... I went yesterday too, but it still lingers ... naaaaaaaan Y_____Y

Ah ... I have two midterms tomorrow. What the hell am I doing on livejournal?

Good-night *face-palm*

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Sunday, January 18th, 2009
12:27 pm - like highschool all over again ...
Earlier this week I picked up my grad photo previews @___@

Now I need to choose which ones I want to buy ... yea ... *cough*

And I need some help deciding @__@Collapse )

So yes. Thoughts? I'll most likely end up getting 2-4 of myself (for family purposes), one group and one fish.

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Wednesday, January 7th, 2009
1:24 am - hello 2009, why do you feel so hostile?
Only two days of school and already I need a break. Heh. To be fair though, the last two terms I've been blessed with two or two and a half day school weeks ... so taking on a five day school week is giving me some initial shell shock (see, I've had two days of classes already, my body is anticipating the weekend, but instead I have three more days of class ... daaaaamn). Besides that, I'm taking on a full five courses this term. I haven't had five on-campus courses at once since First year, when I was all keen, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed about being in uni. And really, getting to and around UBC so far has been a more than miserable experience - with most of the blame going to the weather and UBC's lack of a proper drainage system. Basically, UBC's drainage is already pretty crap normally ... the typical Vancouver rainy-day generally sees the spawning of many large, dark puddles that, although intimidating, can be easily avoided. HOWEVER! Thanks to the snow, all the usual places where water would run off and disappear to have been blocked. So what we have now is variable dirty watery-slush pathways and the spawning of LAKES. Fuck me, I'd need a canoe to get across some of the 'puddles' on campus. Monday was abysmal. The entire bus depot seemed to be submerged, and I had to rely on random humps of icy snow to use as stepping stones across the lake that once was a crosswalk. The melting of the snow helped clear it up a bit, but there are still lakes randomly around campus. It doesn't help that my boots decided to die on me. Powdery snow they can handle, super wetness? PK. x___X The watery slush seeps in somehow, and stepping into a puddle is instant death ... Monday was so bad, I had sopping wet socks from 10am to 9pm. Today, I got so fed up (socks were absolutely soaked through after less than two minutes of being on campus) that I actually went and bought new boots. It's a good thing that one of my classes got canceled, so I had time inbetween school and work to go home for fresh socks then hit oakridge @____@
Also contributing to my rocky start at 2009 is the fact that my work holiday is over. The last two days have been so hectic and busy ... I've been getting home late and completely drained of energy. Stupid kids and their stupid mountain of winter homework ... and on top of that with their stupid attitudes and idiotic/lazy questions. I'm the one suffering the most there D; Especially since we're short-staffed in the English teacher department now ...
Other than the fatigue and the crappy weather, this term seems like it will be interesting? Hard, but interesting. It's my last term as an undergrad though, so I think I'll try NOT be a slacker and apply myself ...
course rundownCollapse )
Going to take the weekend to read ahead a little and pump myself up for actually being on top of things this term. I have more 400 level courses than 300 level ... which is normal cos I'm in fourth year ... but scary to think about XD; What I find weird though, is how I don't consider that I may be older than people in my other courses. Almost everybody seems older than I am (well, to me they do).

Ah ... the dineout list came out a couple of days ago, and I've been mulling over it since. There aren't that many restaurants that I haven't tried yet and want to try out. The ones that really interest me are the places I've already been to, haha. I don't know, maybe I'm just getting a bit jaded with it all. The prix fixe meals are always fun, but especially for dineout, they don't really showcase the talents of the restaurant, and feel a bit more manufactured than when you eat during non-dineout time. I mean, if I were a chef, I'd be a bit disenchanted about making the same few dishes ONLY every night for half a month. Oh well, it's still a good experience ... and places that are tasty at dineout time are tastier during non. Maybe I'm just getting pickier. That, or maybe I'm just not feeling the 'excitement' cos my wallet is still hurting from December and I'm starting to feel a bit SAD (seasonal affective disorder).
My goal is to sit down and seriously consider it (haven't had time the past few days) and decide/reserve by either Wednesday night or Friday afternoon.

Ah ... now to do my poetry readings before bed.
Let's hope I don't drown in a puddle tomorrow D;

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Saturday, January 3rd, 2009
7:14 pm - fresh start ... kinda
Ah, it's a new year ...
Winter break was pretty relaxing, and now I get depressed when I think about having to go back to school on Monday ... *sigh*

So what did I do hrm? Lots of anime, haha. I actually indulged in a lot of reading this break. I got through a stack of books that have been waiting for me to get to them X3 Johnathan Strange and Mr. Norrell was surprisingly good, and now I must buy Clarke's other novel when I get the chance.
Things got a little hectic around Christmas Eve, but everything came together well ... Fish and I managed to do the beef wellington ... other than that, the annual family party wasn't anything too special. My Fishy won $20 and lost $5 against my cousins in some texas hold'em XD;
Christmas day was a double bill : D The Spirit wasn't too great ... props to Frank Miller for giving it the old college try, but it didn't really hit the mark. Benjamin Button, however, was very nice. I thought the story was pretty touching, and they did a good job of conveying the message. Some people complain about the length, or the fact that nothing really 'spectacular' happens to Button, but I think that was the whole point. Despite your physical situation, everybody goes through life the same and experiences the same kinds of ups and downs. It's not about worrying endlessly about the past or the future, but enjoying the present before it slips away from you.
Ah ... still debating whether or not to see Valkyrie in theatres.
New Year's Eve went amazingly smoothly, despite all the fuss that came before it. My grad pictures went fairly well (I thought). The place was definitely much better than Artona, but I still didn't like the photographer people that much. This one guy was very perfectionist about getting poses and shots, running back and forth from the camera to fix my hair or glasses in-between every shot, but he was a bit of a douchebag XD; The lady who did some of the other photos was pretty mellow, but she didn't take the time to fix up much stuff, and it overall felt a bit rushed with her. After that, picked up some cheese and cakes from Ganache (always tasty) for later in the evening and had a quick lunch with Karen, Tom, and Lisa at Ebisu. Then off to the Nutcracker XD It was a good show, it was very nostalgic and the dancers were so pro. The guy behind my fell asleep in the first half, and I could hear him snoring @__@ As intermission was ending, his friend was like "chajimaaaa" (they were Korean) and basically told him not to fall asleep in the next half ... but he did XD; The applause at the end went on for a looong time ... random stuff until dinner at Diva (dinner was yummy : 3), then we ended up at Tom's place for wine & cheese until New Year's. Karen is very funny when she gets drunk.

I hope it stops snowing when I go back to school ... UBC is crappy enough when it's rainy, and slush doesn't make it much better.

Ahh ... I think it's time to buy a new pair of walking shoes. I've worn out my flats and my skater shoes : (

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Tuesday, December 16th, 2008
1:07 pm - future plans ...
Ah, grad = planning for post-grad .... *le sigh*
I think I'll go teach in Japan for a year? But I'm so incompetent at properly taking care of myself, I might actually die or something XD; I'm thinking of making it easier on myself and just applying for one of the big four eikawas, namely Aeon since they do interviewing in Vancouver, but I've heard that eikawas can be quite the soul-suckers, since they're all about the sales x___X
That, and being all alone in a foreign place sounds quite scary ~___~ I'm already pretty socially inept around strangers in my hometown ... orz
PLUS! I see my friends so often, it'll be weird going for a year without doing bbt or whotnot.

That, or I could just find some random full-time work to tide me over until I'm fully prepared for the LSAT ... aiii
Thinking about this stuff is depressing @___@ But I can't be a student forever, eh.

Ah, I'm really enjoying just lazing around home. I should really start on stuff for cons, or thinking about readings and books for after the winter break ... but it feels so good to be lazy like this XD
If it weren't so goddamn cold out, I'd be more inclined to get some fresh air ~___~ Stephens is off to HK now, so I think group get-togethers might be a bit sparser, haha.

Things to do for winter break:
- Buy wine for family Christmas gathering (I've been ordered to go get a dozen bottles)
- Figure out how the hell to make beef wellington for 20-ish people (again, for Christmas gathering)
- Buy tickets for the Nutcracker (Anybody wanna come with? : D Help keep Ballet BC alive!)
- Make reservations for New Years
- Alter the straps on a dress
- LSAT studying
- Start on fanart and stufflets for selling in June
- Look into Cornelia wig, fabrics, notions and maybe hit up some fabric stores around boxing week
- Script-writing and storyboarding (I resolve to do this, even if it's slow!)
- Buy texts for January (the bookstore has none of my texts in yet, I may just Amazon it all this term)
- Sell old texts (bye bye useless Gender Psych bullshit-text)
- (possibly) Send in resume for Aeon and/or conversation-class place in Vancouver

Ahh ... that should keep me relatively busy ... since all my shows are over until January now Y_______Y

Going to do a double bill on Christmas or Boxing day and hit up The Spirit and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button : D Valkyrie actually looks kind of interesting too, but that can wait a couple weeks.

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Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008
11:07 pm - ah =_______=;
Why is it that I always get the urge to update my LJ when I have imperative stuff to tend to?
I have a headache and my throat feels funny. I CAN'T get sick now, goddammit.

Had my Psych of Sexuality exam at 7pm (who the fuck schedules these things? I'd like him to meet my fist), and I'm pretty sure I more than fucked up a few of the writing portions ... ahh ... I hate it when unexpected topics get put in short answer/essay questions ... Now I'm resting my brain a little before I start hardcore cramming for my Forensic Psych exam. Which is tomorrow. At 8.30am ...
Then after that I'll do some more hardcore cramming and polish off a five page essay (in Japanese) as well as study alllllll my Japanese notes for the final on Friday (another morning one *cry*)
And then after the Japanese exam ... ah, last exam for the winter term. On a Saturday no less *more crying* There's a paper due after my last exam, but I have some time, so I'll take that nice and slow.
I can't wait for death week to be over.

I wanna do something reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally fun Saturday or Sunday. Anybody up for some sing-k and/or massive fooding? X3

Now to take a really hot shower and study until I fall asleep : x

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Monday, November 24th, 2008
10:56 pm - bah. BAH.
It's been getting reaaally fucking cold. It's really painful on my knees these days : (

Grad photos have my panties in a twist =___=
wedgieCollapse )

*sigh* I haven't had a rant in a while =____=;;

My cousin's wife has finally come to Canada, so the family had a big dinner to welcome her and stuff. She's super Shanghainese-y, lol.

Speaking of New Year's, I wonder what I should do this year. I'm taking a 'go fuck yourself' attitude and making reservations for wherever the hell I want. Awesome people can join me, cheap-asses can go die ^___^
As per usual, most restaurants seem to have a two-seating arrangement. Just dinner early in the evening (5.30 or 6 until 8.30 or 9), and dinner plus bubbly and countdown action from when the first seating ends until whenever.
Dive has a four-course dinner for $65, dinner (six-course) and after-party for $110
Le Crocodile has a five-course dinner for $85 and dinner (six-course) plus after-party for $150 (pretentious French pricing XDDD)
Connor has no info out yet : (
But I hope they figure it out soon, cos I wanna see what their pricing and menu scheme is like this year : d
Hrmm .... I wanna go dinner at Connor again sometime in the near future ... they're doing the Chow thing and offering an early-bird three-course for $35 : 3 As long as I skip lunch, I can get hungry by 5.30pm X3

I figure I'll buy Opera tickets in December (after my credit card tally rolls over to the next month). I'm actually getting pretty excited about going @___@; I think it's just the idea of dressing up nice and going to the theater for a night of culture XD; But yea. Carmen sometime in January, anybody wanna tag along? XD; I think I should get myself a pair of classy opera binoculars : D

I still need to get bling to match my dress. Anybody wanna go jewelry hunting with panda? XD And I don't know if I should keep the straps on, or go strapless (the straps are detachable). Ah, why am I thinking about all this stuff now ... I should be focusing on finals first Y___Y

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Friday, November 21st, 2008
5:18 pm - bahh
I slept a lot today, but I still feel like taking a nap ...

Tomorrow's going to be busy-busy. First, wake up early and trudge to somebody's place to re-film a group project =___=;; Ugh. Basically, we have to do re-film our Japanese discussion project because some people didn't read the instructions carefully enough and bring 'research' into the discussion the first time. Oh well ... at least the prof recently pushed the due date back for the entire class : \ Which reminds me, tonight, I should probably prep and memorize some of the things I plan to say at discussion ...
Next, go check out Costa Blanca and see if there's anything good XD;; They're already a bit on the cheap side, but with 50% off it'll be even cheaper (and I am in the market for a vest or some sort of non-t-shirt top) XD
After that, go home and bang out a paper that's due for Sunday ... I think I'll start some of it tonight though. It's 'journal style,' so even though it's supposed to be 10-12 pages, I should be able to bang it out fairly quickly.
Then, make it to work by five for a very very early 'christmas' party. There's going to be food, and random gifting from boss, same old same old I guess : d
And as per usual, after all that, something sausagey will happen with the guys @___@

If I don't get all slackery and whotnot, then I should also be able to start on my five-page report for Japanese on Sunday ... and maybe even finish it ...

I should really start studying for finals, but I don't wanna Y___Y I wanna work on cosplay instead XD And start on stuff for selling at AE XDDDDDD;; I also want to start on my super-cool toque knitting project : d Though, that one might be a bit tricky, cos I have no idea how I'm going to make ram horns by knitting ................


I've been downloading a lot of anime, and trying to store them up for my winter hibernation ... but I keep watching stuff @__@;; Shigofumi is good. Zettai Kareshi was entertaining (looove Mokomichi), and Penguin Musume seems like some weird mix of Kamen no Maid Guy and Lucky Star (but it's only so-so ...). I'm working on finishing the Fruits Basket manga, but I'm only on volume two so far, and going slowly since I'm not exactly in the shoujo-est of moods right now (I just want more Ippo Y___Y)

Mwaaah, take a nap or something then work on stuff I guess ... ... ...

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Sunday, November 16th, 2008
11:20 am - *dies*
Group project day today.
First up: meeting with gender studies group and banging out a 2000-word presentation in one shot at 1pm
Next up: meeting with Japanese group for scripting + filming 'kekkon' discussion in one shot at 8pm (and then working on the five-page report en Japonais that will accompany the video)
After that: Banging out my Forensic Psych paper in one shot XD That's not due until Tuesday though, so I'll probably do most of it Monday night @_____@

I wonder how I did on the paper for my sexuality course ... I'm usually a lot less confident when it comes to Psych papers, since they're so ... fact-full, I always feel like I missed some good reference papers, or that I may not have written it objectively enough. I'm just more cut out for Lit papers and the like.

Was November always this hectic?

I might try out Bikram yoga with Karen ~___~ There's a trial-deal where you pay $30 for two weeks, and within that two weeks you can spam lessons as much as you want. My motivation in going is to shed as much water weight as possible XD;;; The only problem is, Karen wants to start sometime this week (she wants to tone for her grad pic in December), whereas I wanna save it for December, when I'll be at my peak laziest (outside coldness + lack of school shit = guru guru all day). Oh well, we'll see.

Sometime in the very near future I have to dig out all my jewelry and see if I have something appropriate for grad photos ... haha, maybe I should just rifle through my mom and grandma's stuff and go decked out in jade XD Though, jade + black cocktail + red heels? ehhh ...

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Wednesday, November 12th, 2008
6:11 am - Writer's Block: Ten for the Tenth
Some people spend their whole lives preparing the answer to this question: What albums are on your personal all-time Top 10 list?

The Pillows - Fool on the Planet (compilation album plus the one I dragged with me to get signed XD)
The Pillows - My Foot
The Pillows - Wake Up! Wake Up! Wake Up!
Synchronized Rockers
M-Flo - Beat Space Nine
Rip Slyme - Good Job!
Nirvana - Nevermind
Shiina Ringo - Utaite Myouri ~sono ichi~
Ichigo Ie ~Sweets for my Spitz~

Hrmm ... five years ago there would have been a lot more english on this list.

This is what happens when panda wakes up f-ing early and can't go back to sleep. Silly memes.

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Monday, November 10th, 2008
12:50 pm - not dead yet!
Papers papers papers ... oh well, at least they're interesting ...
Currently, I'm sifting through research on the pros and cons of castrating sex offenders. I say, castrate away! If they can't play nice with their toys, then they'll have to deal with the consequence of confiscations : 3 Next up, I'll have to watch an episode of CSI/Law and Order and analyze how well they portray Forensic Psych issues (like interrogation or line-up practices) kekeke. And then after that is a straightforward lit paper (gag me) and a couple group projects (super gag me), followed by some ridiculously long 'journal' writings (aka. 15+ pages of utter bull shit). And then it's exam time! Y___________________Y

I've managed to catch up to Ippo ... which makes me sad. I still have chapters that I haven't read, but I'm abstaining until the Miyata vs. RBJ fight is over, so I don't PK myself with cliffhangers.
Finishing off Akagi in my spare time (mainly, 2-4am when I'm too tired to think about homework and not sleepy enough to sleep ... which is reaaaally bad cos I always wake up tired now). Akagi's badass and all, but he's too perfect (so far). I want to see some Kaiji-esque manly tears XD;
After this, I think I'll start on Mononoke (spin-off of the Bakaneko story in Ayakashi Japanese Classic Horror), read Cat Street, and maybe tackle Fruits Basket.

Repo should be out in Vancouver sometime this month (The Paramount on the 21st, if I remember correctly) anybody interested? I'm just going to go in an ignore the Paris Hilton factor, while focusing on a singing and dancing Giles <3
Quantum of Solace this week : D I'll be damned if I'm waiting a ridiculously long time for an evening show. Now to gather people to the dark side and join me in a most-definitely empty afternoon showing. kukukuuuuu~

Grad photos some time this month ... I'm allowed to have a group session, but I don't know if I actually want to go through the trouble of getting people on board for it =___=;

Okay, back to reading about sex offender castration.

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